Mira and Troggle are best of friends 

Although they are far away 

One high in the sky, one deep in a den 

Theyre meeting for tea today 

Our two characters are inspired by the elements of earth and air. Troggle digs for treasure and has burrowing animal friends, Mira sings a lot and plays with the weather. They are otherworldly and charming people who share aspects of their very different worlds with the visitors who come to tea. They offer a window each into their distinct and intriguing homes, playing with each other and sending gifts through their tin-can phones. 

Developed in May 2020 with the support of Starcatchers the aim of Up and Down is to support the bridging of the gap that has arisen in lockdown between very young children and their grandparents particularly, but other adults in their lives too. Families have found that when communicating through video chat a shared activity of some kind supports connection where adult-centric sitting and talking falls short. We use our skills in creating multi-sensory performances to offer a lived-through, shared experience for distanced families. Using the medium of Zoom with the performers and different households each in their own screen the multi-sensory interaction is achieved through an adult in each house being complicit in a few pre-planned objects, snacks and effects. Families are spread across households but everyone is active – for example when Mira drops a silver ball of scrunched up cloud from the sky everyone has a ball of silver foil fall into their ready hands and can see the others on the screen receiving theirs. 

Ipdip are a Scottish-based theatre company who create work for very young children and their families with the express purpose of encouraging interaction and imaginative play.

All events are online, run in partnership with venues across Scotland and available to audiences based anywhere. Please select the booking link for ticket purchase. Technical details of how to watch may vary show to show, please check directly with the venue that you book your ticket from.