Walkabout Performance with a static circle show featuring audience participation.

The Good, The Bad and The Poultry can exist anywhere for either a found or invited audience. Featuring a three-hen shootout, a walkabout chickencoop and a live chicken band prepare for an eggciting scramble of non-verbal exploration of fear. Two chickens, a turkey and ‘Hennio Morricone’ (the live poultry band) along with audience members of all ages; work together to explore being brave in the face of ‘danger’ to create the grand shootout finale of every cowboy film ever made.

Throughout the piece they incorporate the audience all the while unravelling the ancient mystery of the golden egg that never cracks…It’s high noon, and the cockerels must crow… draw their guns and go and hide…Do you feel clucky punk?

  • Tayside, Central and Fife

    Kinross Primary School

    30/03/2022, 2pm

    Call: 01577 867272

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    Private School Event

  • Edinburgh and Lothians

    WHALE Arts Agency

    15/04/2022, 2pm

    Call: 0131 458 3267

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    A WHALE Arts event for registered families.

  • Scotland South

    Dumfries Town Centre

    02/04/2022, 12pm

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