Flotsam is soft, flexible, laid back. She slides and glides through life on the ice. Jetsam is the opposite, his insectile body is stiff and nervy, alert and watchful, suspicious of all in his forest home. And then comes the weather… and they are both cast adrift in a world that is strange to them and full of a range of dangers. Finally washed up on the same island beach they must discover the other and work out how they can work together. A hopeful, adventure story about two very different creatures that must learn to work together. Visual theatre with original music and delightful puppetry.

“Liz Lempen charmingly continues the company’s tradition of beautifully crafted shows, delivered with style and control!” – Alistair Winch, Creative Arts East

“One small step for a performer…one giant leap for everyone lucky enough to see it!” – Mike Lyon, Lincoln Chronicle