Wise Old Dagba, Guardian of The Forest, lays down his storytelling staff – but Nature is still in danger, so Harriet and Maria take up the task of telling his inspiring Forest Tales. Aided by their magical Kamishibai, the Japanese storytelling box, storytellers Harriet and Maria lead children and families on a trail of myth and wonder through our precious natural world… but is the Forest safe? How can the ending be changed? Can everyone help?

“I liked the show, I liked the genie the best. Some sounds made me scared, it was fun!”

“Beautiful production delivered with passion, wonderful pictures and very imaginatively presented. Great storytelling, loved the interaction from the audience and musical accompaniment.”

“He really liked the show, he liked the crackle crack, he liked the quiet moments, it was great, thank you, well done.”

“Very absorbing, felt like I was actually in the forest!”

“I liked helping!”

“I really enjoyed it, it was really fun and I loved participating, I think everyone will love it!”