For the first time, Puppet Animation Scotland presents an online programme of the some of the best independent animation from around the world for children and their families. Inspiring, heart-warming and full of adventure, our programme of miniature tales is suitable for all children from age 3+ and their families to watch together this Easter holidays. 

The programme offers the chance to enjoy a range of styles of animation and also to try your hand at making your own with video tutorials sharing simple animation techniques for families to try at home. 

Once you reserve your ticket, you will receive a link to watch all of the films at the pace which suits you, with all films remaining online for three days. 


The Little Bird and the Bees by Lena von Döhren (Switzerland)

Kenya’s Symphony by Carlos Douglas Jr (USA)

Twins in Bakery by Mari Miyazawa (Japan)

The Green Bird by Maximilien Bougeois (England)

Washing Day by Claire Lamond (Scotland)

Log Jam KJFG No. 5 by Alexey Alexeev (Russia)

Log Jam The Woodpecker by Aleksey Alexeev (Russia)

The Tearaway by Eleanor Stewart (Scotland)

Animation Tutorial for Families by Penny Sharp (Scotland)

This programme is available to audiences living in the UK only. This is the first of two short animation programmes – to read about our other animation programme aimed at children 7+ and their families, please follow this link.